Friday, July 9, 2010

Another week down...35 weeks!!!

Well I had my 35 week appointment on tuesday and both me and my dr. were extatic that I was actually there for the appointment. They checked my blood pressure whihc was great 121/64 and my weight which was 144lbs so no gain from last week. They checked Preston's heart rate which was in the 150's, perfect. I am measuring right on for 35 weeks so he is definately growing in there. They did the GBS test and I should know those results next appointment, I've always been negative so don't expect to have to have antibiotics this delivery. I also had a cervical check done and was told that I was still 1cm dilated and -1 station but am now 80% effaced. Got the usual take it easy speech as each additional day/week at this point is big for Preston's development. I was also instructed to start doing my Lovenox (blood thinning shots) every other day and was told no more 17-P shots!!! So it was a great appointment and I am starting to get excited about how fast things are moving!

Here is a 35 week Belly Shot


Kristen said...

I am so psyched that you've made it this far, too! Keep cooking little guy!

Keep us updated, and hang in there. SO glad that Dave's there to give you a hand with everything.