Monday, April 12, 2010

Easter 2010

So a few days before all the Easter fun we had a snow storm. The kids loved it, I hated it but we were very fortunate that it all decided to melt in time for Easter.

On Saturday we spent the afternoon coloring our Easter eggs for Sunday's Easter egg hunt. The kids had a great time drawing on their eggs and using the dye pens Grandpa & Grandma Battson sent.

Easter Sunday Dave and I were awakened by a very excited Jocelyn who had found all the Easter baskets the Easter bunny had left. She then went on to inform us that she had given Caitlyn her candy from the Easter bunny....
WAY TOO MUCH CHOCOLATE FOR A 1year old... BUT Caitlyn was HAPPY.

After all that fun, We all got up and enjoyed Bunny Pancakes for Breakfast and watched Conference.

After Dinner Dave and T went out in the backyard and hid plastic eggs for the kids to find. They did much better this year at finding the eggs and I did much better at really limiting the candy intake for the day. They had such a good Easter, and I think Jocelyn is finally starting to really understand the true reason why we celebrate Easter and what Jesus's Resurrection means.