Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Quick Update

Okay we now officially have Internet!!!! Yeah life is really hard without online access. So just a quick update on us since I know you all think we have disappeared.

Last Monday I had my dr. appt and it went really well, I really like my new dr. and she seems to be very on the ball with all the test and lab work she ran just in that first visit. She is referring me to a Perinatologist (i.e. High Risk Dr) that I will be seeing tomorrow, mainly for closer monitoring and possibly some P17 shots which may help me carry Caitlyn closer to full term. So for now I will see both dr. alternating weeks (Oh boy a dr. visit with ultrasounds every week).

We received our furniture on Saturday, and I am so so so grateful for my bed.. it was amazing how much we had missed just sitting on couch or even watching a movie on a TV rather than a laptop. We have spent most of the last few days unpacking and getting things organized so I will post pictures of our place soon.

We also had DISH and Internet installed so my poor hubby and little tornadoes have something other than me to entertain them. Its been nice to catch-up on everyones blogs without having to wait an hour for the site to actually show.

Jocelyn and Ethan seem to be adjusting well but have caught some sort of bug or virus as they both had low grade fevers this morning. It could have been the weather change which was 80 degrees this last Friday but has now changed to freezing rain/drizzle today.

Dave is a trooper and has been trying to get out and sell more consistently now that things are finally getting settled. He sold 6 accounts yesterday BUT not one passed credit and from what he said on the phone they all seemed pretty bummed that they didn't pass credit as they really wanted the system. He is out selling today but will most likely be home early before the roads get to bad, he's hoping that since most places closed due to the weather, more people will be home. I sure do love my husband he is such a great man and a hard worker.

So okay I think that is the latest news on our end.. I will try to get some pictures and such up in the next couple days so you can see our place.


Brandy and Doug said...

I am so glad you got your furniture!!! What a blessing a couch is!!! I am also glad to hear that everything is going good. I miss you guys like crazy!!!!