Tuesday, October 28, 2008

The Verdict is in.......

We had our ultrasound and Dr. appt today, the baby is doing wonderfully with a strong heartbeat and is developing right on target. Here are a few pics we thought you'd enjoy....
my 16week belly pic (I look a bit hammered, but that nothing new)

Baby's Profile:

Baby's Face:

Baby's Hand:

and of course the money shot :)

The blob looking thing to the left hand side is her umbilical cord.. she wasn't she in the least bit to give us this picture along with several others so we are pretty confident that she in fact is a "SHE" . Dave and I couldn't be more relieved to see how much she has grown and how active she was. We have another Dr. appt and ultrasound on the 20th of November so we are excited to see her again :)


jill said...

Glad to know things are going well with baby. She will be darling!

Erin said...

Hooray! I bet Jocelyn and Ethan are thrilled.