Wednesday, June 11, 2008

A Day at Seaside Beach

Sunday June 8th my mom flew into town to visit for the week so we ...and yes I know we are bad... left after sacrament meeting and headed to the beach. It was an absolutely beautiful day which we haven't had here in awhile so we thought..hey since Dave is off work and my mom is here, lets go.

After some fun trying to find a nice place to put up camp, we decided to get down to the real fun.... getting sandy!!! Dave and Ethan went for the leg covering. He absolutely loved it but had a seriously difficult time trying to get out of the sand. Jocelyn and Mimi went down to the water to get their feet wet. Dave and Ethan went and joined them after the short crying spell.

We found some sea shells and built sand castles and then... Ethan found the kites. We were so fortunate to find a very nice gal in Oregon who was willing to let my little man test out his very first kite flying experience. Of course Jo wasn't too far behind to test it out herself.

We had tons of fun and I think it was a great way to spend a Sunday with the family.