Monday, November 12, 2007

Trick Or Treat

October 31st, 2007
We decided to go with "Pest Control" as our theme this year for Halloween. However on Halloween night the temperature was too cold for Amber's Bee costume so she went for the witch instead. The thinking behind it was "the witch hired the Orkin man to help her out with her pest control issue"; We thought it worked well.

Our Little Lady Bug: She loved her costume that her Mimi got her so much that she has been wearing it off and on for a few days now eventhough Halloween is over.

Our Handsome Little Spider: He was so ready to go Trick or Treating, its a good thing we didn't do the house to house thing as he really doesn't think about where he is walking..he just walks. We did do Trunk or Treat and he made out like a bandit.

If you can't tell whose kids these are you must not know us very well. We are starting to believe that the sweet tooth is a genetic disorder passed down from the mothers side :) The two couldn't even wait to get home to crack open the candy.


Kristy said...

YA! I'm so glad you're blogging! Now I can spy on your blog all the time! Love the costumes by the way!

Mikki said...

Adorable costumes!